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 British-born suspense writer Mel Parish's innate curiosity leads her to find intrigue even in everyday happenings. She is fascinated by how one seemingly small decision can have dramatic repercussions, a fascination she explores in her stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Fortunately, the characters in her head are the ones who have to deal with the fall-out while she leads a relatively normal life - or at least, what she considers normal 

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When his boss and mentor is involved in an accident all Detective Rigby wants to do is track down the hit and run driver. But when he finds himself temporarily in charge as two other major crimes rock Lewisville, he must put aside his go-it-alone attitude and trust his colleagues - many of whom he fears would be happy to see him fail - or risk letting down the one person who's always had his back.

But is Rigby up to the challenge?

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