Mel Parish
Mel Parish
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    Trust No One

     It was a conversation Maggie Cumberland wasn’t supposed to hear.
    A conversation that rips apart her comfortable, suburban life, leads her to betray the one person she has always depended on, and forces her from the security of her once happy home.
    Fearful of retribution after telling police that her husband Daniel might be involved in human trafficking, Maggie must find the courage and resourcefulness necessary to stay one step ahead of her enemies without the help of either family or friends. But who are her enemies?
    Maggie has no idea, only the knowledge that if she wants to stay alive she can’t afford to trust anyone.

    Trust No One is a compelling story of a woman who discovers untapped strengths in the face of a shocking betrayal.  

    What readers are saying:

    "Excellent read. I couldn't put it down once I started. Suspense full on!" - Robin M. 

    " I was totally captivated by Maggie's experiences, definitely 5-STARS worth." - Helene Stephens

    " The author did a wonderful job of explaining the confusion the protagonist faced while on the run, looking over her shoulder, and mustering enough courage to continue her flight despite her emotional pain after trust has been striped, topped by a deep sorrow of saying goodbye." - Elisabeth Zguta  

    "You are swept up in the unexpected circumstances of Maggie's situation almost immediately and the title says it no one...  A real page turner until the very end." - Lorri Moulton 

    Ulterior Motives

     It was supposed to be a family vacation in paradise.

    Instead, Jake Cornish finds himself in a world far removed from his comfortable expatriate life and at the mercy of kidnappers who see him as their way out of poverty.

    His only hope for survival lies with his wife somehow coming up with the ransom. But he’d stormed out on her only minutes before being kidnapped and as days pass without any word from her, he faces the possibility that the last argument was one too many and may have sealed his fate.

    Then his captors come up with an outrageous new demand, one that would change his life forever if he agreed, but that will also cause cracks in their unity, lay bare ulterior motives and reveal the true nature of the kidnappers themselves.

    A story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, Ulterior Motives tells of life stripped bare of daily comforts, where desperation drives motivation, and loyalty and love may lead not to happiness but unimaginable consequences.  

    What readers are saying:

    "Not only was this a page-turner, it had a refreshingly unusual plot. It was a quick, uncomplicated read with a satisfying ending and some thought-provoking issues along the way." - Kindle Customer 

    "An unusual novel with an excellent plot. Different, but strong characters. Author excellent at getting into the mind of her characters." - Dennis in Idaho 

    " a tension filled thriller that will keep you turning the pages, desperate to find out what happens next." - E. Maynard  

    Motive for Revenge (sequel to Ulterior Motives)

     For over three years kidnap victim Jake Cornish has struggled to put the memories of his ordeal in the Philippines behind him. Not even his wife Beth knows the full truth and he wants to keep it that way.

     However, on their first family vacation since returning to the US, a chance sighting of one of his kidnappers inflames his need for closure. When attempts to learn more about his kidnappers' new lives coincide with a brutal attack on their family, Jake becomes entangled in the ensuing police investigation.

    Now, not only have his actions jeopardized his marriage, but if his secret is revealed he will hand the police the one piece of information they are missing – a motive for revenge. 

    What readers are saying:

    "This is a page-turning must read especially for lovers of psychological suspense. " - Carol costa

     "Sequel to Ulterior Motives by the same author. Every bit as well written. I couldn't put it down. The turns and twists keep the reader guessing." - Dennis in Idaho 

    "The twists and turns of the plot make it impossible to tell how it will end. A highly recommended book." - Mr. T Davison 

    Silent Lies

     During a police investigation into the whereabouts of his young assistant Katy Shore, the decision to withhold information that could get him into trouble is an easy one for accountant Cal Miller. 

    That is, until he discovers Katy’s deceptions far outweigh his own and the investigation spirals into a battle of nightmarish proportions against enemies he never knew existed, threatening his fragile marriage, his new business in small town Leyton and even his freedom. As he struggles to save everything he holds dear, he faces issues of trust he thought he'd put behind him and his impulsive and secretive nature threatens to alienate even those who could help him, until a terrifying confrontation reveals that trust may be the only thing that can save him.

    Silent Lies is a story of human frailty and deception, showing how the loss of trust can undermine the foundations of any relationship. 

    What readers are saying:

    "Great suspense from the very beginning. Along with a likable although annoyingly stubborn lead character." - Mary Lee Sachs

    " Surprises throughout that keep the story going until a very clever ending...kept me on the edge of my seat!" - Cadby 

    "SILENT LIES captures your attention from the start, the mystery building and becoming more intriguing until the final reveal. Parish has crafted a realistic story about one man's quest to find truth and clear his name, his search for answers only growing more convoluted the more he learns." - Marla B 

    The Anniversary (Standalone Sequel to Silent Lies)

     Detective Paul Rigby’s role in his girlfriend’s death has haunted him since that tragic event almost one year ago. With his dreams of marriage and a family already destroyed, Rigby’s guilt now threatens to sabotage the one thing left to him: his once promising career.
    That career would already be in ruins without the intervention of Chief of Police Jim Pearson. Reluctant to lose his best detective, Pearson is forced to resort to ever more devious methods of keeping his young protégé under control as the anniversary approaches.
    Sidelined following a spontaneous act of violence, Rigby finds himself at increasing odds with his mentor but is determined to prove that he is still worthy of Pearson’s trust. A manpower crisis within the department offers a chance of redemption during what should be a straightforward case, but when repercussions from his punch-up and his unorthodox handling of the investigation collide with devastating results, Rigby discovers he has a lot more to lose than he thought.  

    What readers are saying:

    "Very fast paced, excellent characters well developed and believable. Twisted plot, main character under tremendous pressure, gets blamed unjustly over and over. Keeps you at the edge of your seat!" - Patr Baldwin 

    " Liked the story a lot. Nice writing and good plot twists.... " - TomT

    "Good story but equally important is that you end up caring about the characters." - G Moran