About Mel



British-born suspense writer Mel Parish's innate curiosity leads her to find intrigue even in everyday happenings. She is fascinated by how one seemingly small decision can have dramatic repercussions, a fascination she explores in her stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Fortunately, the characters in her head are the ones who have to deal with the fall-out while she leads a relatively normal life - or at least, what she considers normal. 

Mel wrote her first book at the age of twelve when she took her English teacher’s instructions to write a story with more than one chapter literally and ended up with a young adult mystery novel. The passion for writing was temporarily eclipsed by the needs of career, marriage and family, but was reignited when her then eight-year-old daughter announced she was writing a book, prompting Mel to wonder why she’d ever stopped. She’s been writing ever since and has published five novels: Silent Lies, Ulterior Motives, The Anniversary, Motive for Revenge and Trust No One. She is currently working on her next novel, a sequel to The Anniversary featuring Detective Paul Rigby. 

Born in the north-east of England and now resident in New York, Mel has also lived in London and Hong Kong for substantial periods and traveled extensively on all three continents. An avid traveler and walker, Mel spends her free time exploring places near and far and blogs about her trips on Food for the Author: Books and Travel. 

Mel Parish is also the founder of Westchester Indie Authors, a group for independently published authors from Westchester County, New York and was a regular blogger for Scarsdale Patch on self-publishing and the writing life.